October 2019: New Contract!
Another contract secured by Jack Humphreys (Sales Manager). Well done Jack!!

October 2019: New Managers!
We are delighted to welcome Mehwish Qamar as our new Accounts & Finance Manager. Welcome to the team!

September 2019: Change of Director
AA Bagels Bakeries International has changed it's name to The London Breads & Cake Company Ltd. Liaquat Mahmood has decided to continue David Halls legacy. More news to follow.Stay tuned!

November 2017: Visit to plant bakery
The London Bread & Cake Company, along with the British Society of Baking, are assisting students from the National Bakery School at London South Bank University with a visit to the Frank Roberts factory in Nantwich in Cheshire.

July 2017: Fortification in food
The London Bread & Cake Company, as a leading advocate of healthy bread, was asked by the Federation of Bakers and the BBC World Service to host a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of Fortification in Flour at its London bakery.
The discussion was on the programme "The Food Chain" and is available to download from the BBC website

June 2017: London Bread & Cake helped support young people get into useful employment by donating numerous trays, racks and bakery tins, along with other equipment, to The Dusty Knuckle Bakery.
Dusty Knuckle started from a shipping container in Hackney and this will allow them to expand, and carry on their excellent work with young people in Dalston.

March 2016: We recently entertained visitors from Belfast Metropolitan University as part of our outreach program

April 2016: Bakery of the Year. London Bread & Cake were announced the winner of Bakery of the Year, at the Food Awards London 2016 on Tuesday 29th March held at the Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square.
David Hall, Managing Director, said we at London Bread and Cake Company Ltd as a team of happy and enthusiastic employees are all now even happier with this accolade.
As a Craft Bakery we are committed to Quality Products hand crafted/finished; made with the best local sourced ingredients. With an ever challenging/demanding consumer, this reinforces the fact we are excelling in a challenging market amongst other excellent Bakeries.
It is also an endorsement of our employee's bakery skills and knowledge - which this award recognises and on behalf of them, Thank You.
Our congratulations to all the other winners.

April 2016: Hertfordshire Scouts visit. Even when the production is done the job of our Managing Director continues. 24 Scouts from a local troop were shown how to make bread - actually they were pretty good! Lots of Soda Beads, Animal shapes etc. And then they ate virtually everything on the way home on the mini-buses. An enjoyable evening for all! The picture, shows MD David Hall with the scouts.

March 2016: Dr Oetker recently astounded locals with giant Chocolate Bunnies burrowing into Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, and Potters Fields Park, London.
LBC assisted by making over a thousand small cupcakes decorated with a smaller version of the bunny for distribution to passers-by

February 2016: Christopher Foster is a talented young baker who won the Tiptree Young Baker of the Year award in 2014 and 2015.
As a result, David Hall got into contact and kindly arranged visits at the London Bread and Cake Company and Dunn's Bakery. He has thoroughly enjoyed these and this has given him lots of ideas for the future.
See what he has written about this in his blog.

November 2015: A profile for The London Bread & Cake Co can now be found on

October 2015: Hannah Conneely was the top student on the Baking Technology Management course run by the National Bakery School at the South Bank University. Hannah, who was mentored by David Hall from LBC, received a copy of The Craft Baker's Book of Breadmaking from Paul Heygate, the Master of the Worshipful Company of Bakers, at a recent Court Dinner, and was also given the Freedom of the City of London. We wish her every success in her new career with AB Mauri.

October 2015: Craft Bakers' Week made an appearance on the Sunday Brunch television program on 27 September. David Hall from London Bread & Cake supplied the products shown on the program. The British Baker magazine had a report on the program.

October 2015: London Bead & Cake were proud to be asked to donate various speciality breads and rolls for the winners and judges at the Tiptree World Bread Awards.
Here is a photo showing some of them.

October 2015: London Bread and Cake at Lunch2015: LBC had a stand at Lunch 2015 where we promoted Craft Bakers Week.
Click Here to see photos of our stand.

March 2015 WeLoveChocolate: London Bread & Cake were asked to produce 1000 large chocolate cakes for Dr Oetker to their recipe and using their ingredients, and rose to the challenge and delivered on time. See a YouTube video of the reactions of people as they were given the cake - A Fantastic PR job - Well done!

February 2015 WeLoveBread: Following David Cameron's recent statement that he was giving up bread, representatives from the bakery industry presented him with a letter demonstrating the benefits of bread as part of a healthy balanced diet.
Here is a photo showing Alan Stuart from Scottish Bakers, Amy Yeates from the Federation of Bakers, David Hall representing the Craft Bakers Association, Lewis Freeman from the Worshipful Company of Bakers, and Mike Bagshaw from the British Society of Baking outside No 10

February 2015 Bakels Artisan Concentrates: Bakels is a major ingredients supplier to the bread industry Here is an article on their website about the London Bread & Cake Company using their concentrates for artisan breads

February 2015 Assisting Young Bakers: The London Bread and Cake Co had an 'open day' for Georgina Pilz, last year's runner-up in the Tiptree World Bread Awards. Here we see her learning how to glaze various buns with Dariusz from LBC.

January 2015 Assisting the Bakery Community: The London Bread and Cake Co has been assisting two young bakers, Alero Jaiyesimi and Elizabeth Ekperigin, trying to set up their own new business making gluten-free biscuits. We wish them every success.

9 December 2014 : Students from the School of Artisan Food in Wellbeck, Nottinghamshire, and tutors including Wayne Caddy, the Head of Baking, visited London Bread & Cake Co Ltd today for a view of a wholesale craft bakery. The photo shows Wayne (hanging on to all the mince pies) and some of the students outside the LBC offices.

December 2014 Lessons in Loaf: Staff from the London Bread & Cake Co, along with recent students from the National Bakery School and Liveryman Chris Tompkins of Kistrucks Bakery continue for another year promoting Bakery Awareness to various schools. This is part of the Lessons in Loaf project run by Cassie Liversidge and sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Bakers.

December 2014 : The famous Jim Brown, a professional baker who is re-writing "The Master Baker's Book of Bread Making" for the CBA visited the London Bead & Cake Co and took a number of photographs of products being made for possible inclusion in the new book. Working with the staff from LBC were Vanessa Brewster and Ryan Seradoy from the National Bakery School. Some of the pictures he took can be seen here

October 2012: London Bread & Cake Co are the first wholesale bakery in UK to be granted the Bakers Marque, by The Worshipful Company of Bakers, as recognition of the quality of its products and environmental and ethical operations.